Building sustainable projects with "gr$$n" advantages

Beaton Kane Construction is a full service construction and weatherization/energy efficiency company that incorporates the latest innovations in building science theory, along with green building products and techniques, so that clients are able to keep more “gr$$n” in their pockets over the life of their home

constructionWith every project, we aim to reduce the impact on our shared environment while delivering the highest
quality products to our customers.

Our unique background and credentials provide us the opportunity to work with our customers in creating a beautiful, low-impact product in a timely and efficient manner. We are committed to working with clients to lower their overall heating costs and provide clients with a range of options for their projects.

Our clients projects range in scope from:

  • increasing the energy efficiency of their home through better insulation and weatherization, to

  • traditional renovations and new construction, to

  • building Passive homes that are designed to optimize building science for the benefit of 90% less heating and cooling costs than a traditional home. 

We invite you to review our website to get a feel for our approach, our backgrounds and our projects. We hope that you will contact us directly to provide us an opportunity to discuss your project.


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Beaton Construction 
builds first 
Certified Passive House 
in Massachusetts